Wind Farm Impact Assessment Home Page


This website was developed by a team of people responsible for publishing a community newsletter about the Jupiter Wind Farm proposal.  We were actively involved in working with the local community to oppose Jupiter.

One of the team was a member of the CCC who never missed a meeting in six years, and actively lobbied government agencies and politicians about the true impacts of Jupiter.

We used computer software to watchdog the project and used the data provided in EIS documents to build a database to assess the real impacts of Jupiter.

And we plied the Department with information about the many shortcomings in the Jupiter EIS and the Response to Submissions and showed how the impacts of Jupiter had been understated by the proponent and their consultants.

Over the years we learned a great deal about the assessment process and how to lobby and write better submissions.  Had we known what we now know our approach in the early stages of Jupiter would have been different, as would our approach to writing submissions and letters.

We thought it might be useful to share what we have learnt so that others confronted with a wind farm proposal could hopefully benefit from our knowledge.

We claim no other expertise than having lived through the struggle and being active in opposition.

We have sought to be as accurate as possible in the information provided, but this is a complex process, and we make no guarantees that we have got everything right.

If you have any questions or need clarification on the NSW Wind Energy Guidelines or a particular wind farm proposal, we recommend you contact the NSW Department of Planning.

We do hope this guide has been/will be of use.

October 2018