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Summary of the EIS Assessment Process

The following diagram indicates what is likely to happen during the assessment of a wind farm proposal as all the impacts and issues outlined in the NSW Wind Energy Framework 2016 are examined. Activities undertaken by the proponent are in red, Department of Planning and Independent Planning Commission's (IPC) involvement are in orange and issues ignored by government authorities are purple. Broadly speaking the assessment covers a range of technical issues as well as social and environmental impacts.

The technical issues are usually resolved by the proponent adopting best practice and/or government authorities imposing conditions of consent on the development.

The social and environmental impacts are more subjective to evaluate and can generally be reduced but never totally resolved. A wind farm proposal will likely be approved if the social and environmental issues can be reduced to an acceptable level such that the public interest in a wind farm renewable energy project outweighs the private interest of the local community and impacts on the environment. Jupiter is the only wind farm to date to be refused in NSW.

EIS Assessment Summary