Some Ideas

And we thought this website was finished...

There is always more to be done.  We will continue to make best efforts to keep this website up to date and respond to feedback from all the key players involved in a wind farm proposal.

We are currently working on some things we think might be useful:

  • a few examples of public submissions

  • some examples of DIY impact profiles which individuals can prepare in order to assess a wind farm's impact on them

  • commentary on other wind farm developments from time to time

We are currently monitoring two approved wind farms to see what might be gleaned from them:

Bango Wind Farm

We plan to take a closer look at the Bango Wind Farm decisions. This wind farm was approved early 2018, but in December 2018 the NSW Land and Environment Court upheld an appeal by residents and reduced the number of approved turbines from 71 to 46.

The Bango determination highlights the subjective nature of visual impact assessment.

Crudine Ridge Wind Farm

Crudine Ridge is also interesting. The developer was fined for illegal land clearing in November 2018 and ordered to stop construction in December 2018. A modification to legitimise the land clearing was on public exhibition until 19 December 2018.